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We dipped into our vault this week to bring you our little tribute to working together. All five beers on this show were the product of collaboration featuring at least one local brewery (or liquor store) and a brewing buddy. Recorded back in August, this episode just got buried in our release schedule, but we’re proud to finally bring it to you so you can hear our trite discussions of the Aggro-Crag, smelly toys, One Direction, supple buttcheeks, and our idea for a naughty collaboration beer. Also, stay tuned to the end for some HOT TIPS on how to totally ignore bottle release allotments. Grab a friend and do it together!

And come to Beermiscuous on February 6th for our 2nd Anniversary party!

Beers Reviewed

Off Color/Side Project - Corybantic (American Wild Ale)

Arcade/Ale Syndicate - Dubbel Time (Dubbel with cocoa nibs)

Pipeworks/4 Hands - Black Tuna (Black DIPA with honey)

Hubbard’s Cave (Slapshot/Une Année) - Imperial Stout (with vanilla)

Jester King/West Lakeview Liquors - Encendia (Mezcal barrel-aged saison with agave nectar, ancho chiles, and epazote)

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