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After delousing in quarantine for 14 days, our Kansas show is ready to bring our State Show series up to #24, with the help of loyal listener Don Kasak. We traverse the state via quaffable liquid as we review five beers from five Kansas breweries - and no IPAs or stouts are in sight! Also, we come to terms with a terrible truth about our listeners; Craig is on college mascot watch; and we have a full-on SMOOTHIE EXPERIENCE. It’s good for the optics.

Beers Reviewed

Wichita Brewing Company (Wichita, KS) - WuShock Wheat (American pale wheat)

Defiance Brewing Company (Hays, KS) - Willy Nilly (Golden ale w/ ginger and orange peel)

Three Rings Brewery (McPherson, KS) - Yankee Rose (Blonde ale)

Sandhills Brewing (Hutchinson, KS) - Plum Wheat (American hazy wheat w/ plums)

Central Standard Brewing (Wichita, KS) - Ping Pong Banana Yard Games (Fruited gose w/ banana, passionfruit, and mango)

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Quite possibly Chicago’s best brewery, Off Color still doesn’t make an IPA - nor do they have any plans to. And that’s quite alright. Seven years in, this little critter-lovin’ brewery continues to build one of the best brands around while furthering a stellar collection of esoteric small batches and inspired flavor combinations. We catch up with five recent beers that span the wide range of delectable oddities that make the Mousetrap patio “farm” one of the most interesting places to drink beer in the city. Also, Craig over-celebrates his citation, Ryan is still dealing with his caddy trauma, and we really explore the horrifying new applications of mayo. And listen to find out our picks for cutest label - probably the toughest ranking on the show. 

Beers Reviewed

Beer for Golf (Wit-style beer w/ lemon and black tea)

Beer for Burgers (Helles bock-style beer blended w/ bourbon barrel-aged lager)

Gator Time (Foedre-fermented wild ale w/ cherries)

Spots (Tiki weisse w/ passion fruit and grapefruit peel)

Cave Draw-erz (Bourbon barrel-aged stout blended w/ farmhouse ale)

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Our passion for barrel-aged beers doesn’t disappear in August - it achieves a steady simmer below the surface, always ready to unleash itself when the opportunity arises. For this episode we have five barrel-aged beers - all different styles of beer and all from local breweries, four of which we interviewed when they were just starting out in the Chicago-area craft scene, so long ago. Other talking points include the further bastardization of the term “sour” in beer; an embarrassing mask faux pas committed by Ryan; how to capture Craig in full Funko form; and a controversial stance on chocolate chip pancakes that’ll have the fan forums absolutely flush with debate. Feel feel feel feel feel...feel my barrel heat.

Beers Reviewed

Dovetail Brewery - Quetsche 2020 (Blend of spontaneous beers fermented in oak with Italian plums)

Revolution Brewing Company - Mixed Berry Ryeway (Rye whiskey barrel-aged ryewine w/ blackberry, raspberry, boysenberry, and cranberry)

On Tour Brewing Company - Barton Hall (Barrel-aged Scotch ale)

Imperial Oak Brewing - Quiet Giant - Double Barrel 2020 (Bourbon and rum barrel-aged imperial stout)

Lo Rez Brewing/Delilah’s - Delilah’s Woodie Rascal 9000 - Jimmy (Brown ale aged in single barrel Wild Turkey barrels)

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Recent years have seen a surprising emergence of Chicago as one of the top destinations for hop enthusiasts, bolstered by a few well-publicized national medals and hype-inducing haze makers. But there were those that helped reshape our palates in the early days: the local leaders of hops. For this show, we review five hoppy beers (Oops! All Hazy) from some of the original hop-crazy Chicago breweries.  Also, we take a seat on the Hot Bench, discuss seasonal drinkers vs. temperature drinkers, slam some Purplesaurus Rex with Dr. Applesauce, use nostalgia as a survival tool, and protect our precious cereals. 

Beers Reviewed

Half Acre Beer Company (f. 2006) - Sunset (Double) Vallejo

Revolution Brewing (f. 2010) - DDH Mango Hero 

Pipeworks Brewing Co. (f. 2012) - Chasing Extra

Spiteful Brewing (f. 2012) - Diggable IPA

Maplewood Brewery & Distillery (f. 2015) - Tropicamo

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