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The *ahem* hot new yeast on the scene for both homebrewers and professionals alike is actually an ancient and pastoral tradition, propagated by Norwegian farmers and evolved by necessity. Kveik yeast offers undeniable positives for brewers: it ferments fast and clean at unusually hot temperatures, often infusing the resulting beer with a welcome fruitiness that seems to match most styles. To learn more about Kveik, we drink five beers made with different strains of the Norwegeian yeast, and we talk with Ben and John Saller of Burnt City Brewing, hosts of Chicago’s first ever Kveik Fest. It’s refreshingly educational for our brand, as we lean on many different experts to learn about how Kveik differs from other well-known farmhouse yeasts, what brewers can do to prevent bastardizing ancient tradition, and why some Norwegians scream into their fermenters. Also, Craig shares some well-aged Great Taste of the Midwest highlights, we explore some strange fjords, and we consider the end of the Brut IPA. Check it out - we think you’ll kveik it. 

Beers Reviewed

Burnt City Brewing - Li’l Sparky (Meyer Lemon Grisette)

Strange Days Brewing Co. - Two Fjords (Double IPA)

Working Draft Beer Co. w/ Third Space Brewing and Omega Yeast - SMÖRGÅSBORD VOSS (IPA)

Bold Dog Beer Co. - Covered In Fur (Peach and Kiwi Berliner Weisse)

Solemn Oath Brewery w/ Adler Planetarium, Binny’s, Omega Yeast, Et Al. - Project Apollo (IPA)

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Though it’s been three years since their last feature on the podcast, Triptych has remained one of our favorite downstate breweries while continuing to grow into fine purveyors of all things hazy and beyond. For this one, we sample six different beers from the Savoy-based brewery (and “Memery”) to try and make an arbitrary case for which super flavorful beer is better than the others. It’s a tough job. Also, Craig attempts to fill in some gaps in his 80s movie watching quest; we marvel at the most words ever printed on the bottom of a can; Ryan gives a waffle pep talk; Craig makes a bonkers Taco Bell analogy; and we bring the noise, bring the skunk. The end of this one gets a little sloppy.

Beers Reviewed

Czech, Czech, & Czech (Czech pilsner)

Tarnt: Cherry Bomb (Kettle-soured ale w/ cherry juice and Saigon cinnamon)

The Way Is Shut (Triple Dry-Hopped Mosaic Double IPA)

A Wizard Is Never Late (Hazy DDH IPA)

Once, But Never Again (Blueberry ale w/ vanilla)

Imperial Hawaiian Shirt Day (Imperial IPA w/ mango and passionfruit)

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In the three years since we last drank five Georgia beers on the show, there have been significant law changes allowing breweries to sell directly to consumers, resulting in another wave of craft beer growth in the Peach State. Listener Brandon Ramirez sent us a box of tasty treats for our review, and none are short on flavor. We also mark a historic event before it happens, fire up the Aquafier, gain some sympathy weight, and smell some warm hugs.

Beers Reviewed

Arches Brewing - Lloyd’s Light (American Light Lager)

Pontoon Brewing - The Most Humble Pie (Berliner-style w/ strawberries, raspberries, vanilla, and lactose)

Wild Leap Brewing/TrimTab Brewing - Coco Flamingo (Double IPA w/ tangerine, coconut, and lime)

New Realm Brewing Company - Transcendental IPA (Double IPA)

Monday Night Brewing - Sympathy Weight (Maple Bourbon Barrel Wee Heavy/Scotch Ale)

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Milwaukee’s great reputation as the home of brewers (and The Brewers) was long built on cheap adjunct lagers. But in three years time, the Brew City has been reborn as a craft beer destination. Ryan and Craig had a torrid affair with Milwaukee’s beer scene in 24 hours, gathering beers and interviews along the way to provide a whole episode that is basically beer tourism propaganda. Listen as we welcome Andy from Third Space to hazetown, and he guides us through a speed-tasting while explaining how they sold their beer to Miller Park and won three GABF medals in two years. Kyle Vetter from 1840 shares a green beer with us while talking about his sometimes unconventional methods of achieving liquid perfection and where he sees the brewery growing in the near future. We also pop open four beers to review while reliving our experiences at Vennture, Good City, Hacienda, Lakefront, and the locally infamous Wolski’s. And you learn the totally relatable ways we manage to stay so fit, and admire Leather David. Remember - there’s more to life than lactose.

Interviews Featured

Andy Gehl of Third Space Brewing (00:08:58 - 00:30:03)

Kyle Vetter of 1840 Brewing Company (00:37:38 - 00:58:36)

Beers Reviewed

Third Space Brewing - Happy Place (Midwestern pale ale)

1840 Brewing Company - Rickety Elevator (Mixed culture saison)

Hacienda Beer Co. - Time Is An Illusion (New England DIPA)

Good City Brewing - Lord Lyon - Rye Barrel Aged (Scotch ale)

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