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Over the last half-dozen years, Amherst, Wisconsin’s Central Waters Brewing have released a special barrel-aged imperial stout for their anniversary at their annual party. Craig is a loyal attendee, so we have a five-year vertical to tackle with the help of Tom, Jack, and Nick from The Hop Review. Along with trying to discern the differences in each vintage, we talk to the Hop Review guys about some of their favorite interviews and what they’re excited about in Chicago for 2017. We also address Craig’s Mosaic blindness, relive the worst Dark Lord Day experience ever, almost make contact with rock royalty, and finally figure out how to capture the elusive Mosh.

Vintages Reviewed






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Good news to all our future expats, Toronto’s Bellwoods Brewery is making outstanding light hoppy beers that are bulging with deliciousness. Thanks to listener Christopher Nyren, we sample four fresh brews that cross-check us with flavor. Craig gives a brief overview of Canada’s confusing beer laws and liquor sales, then quizzes Ryan in a round of “Dead or Canadian?” There’s also a Ghostbusters lullaby, proper beer presentation, schnapps talk, Craig’s French mishaps, some mall walking, and the worst Afroman album ever.

Beers Reviewed

Stay Classy (Light Pale Ale)

Wizard Wolf (Pale Ale)

Jutsu (Pale Ale)

Jelly King (Dry-Hopped Sour Ale)


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Bring your bendy straw, we’re dipping into some juicy, hazy New England-style IPAs made locally. Whether it’s an actual style or not, stores can hardly keep any brewery’s NEIPA in stock - so we evaluate seven of them in a blind tasting. We share everything we know about this trend, say “creamy” a few hundred times, and somewhat fail at recognizing Mosaic. There’s some shoe-eating, retired slogans, Sunny D, and our vow to become brother husbands. Disappear into a glass with us, and let your juice loose. I don’t know what the hell that means.

Beers Tasted Blindly


#1 Transient Artisan Ales - The Juice is Loose DIPA

#2 Maplewood Brewery - Son of Juice IPA

#3 Forbidden Root - Snoochie Boochies DIPA

#4 Hailstorm Brewing - Stratus DIPA

#5 Marz Community Brewing - NE MDW Chi PA

#6 Hop Butcher for the World - Reply Hazy, Try Again DIPA

#7 The Ram Restaurant & Brewery (Schaumburg) - Morning Fog DIPA

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A Craig divided against itself cannot stand - especially if he’s drinking a bunch of high ABV coffee stouts. We challenge Craig’s hatred of coffee and love of stouts by opening four flavorful beers on this one. It’ll take a serious horse-breaking for Ryan to teach Craig anything about coffee, so instead we talk about cereal and double barrels and David Duchovny. But we also have a beer that so completely nails its intentions that it is nearly flawless - and another surprising beer brimming with luxurious coffee aroma but sorely lacking in the flavor department. Listen to find out which is which, and be careful with your cheeseballs! (Huge thanks to Eric Nakamoto for two of the beers on this one!)

Beers Reviewed

Short’s Brewing - Cup A Joe (Coffee Creme Stout)

Weldwerks Brewing - Coffee Coconut Stout

Epic Brewing - Big Bad Baptista (Whiskey barrel-aged stout with Mexican coffee, cacao nibs, vanilla & cinnamon)

Revolution Brewing - Café Deth (Bourbon barrel-aged imperial oatmeal stout with coffee)

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