ABV Chicago Craft Beer Podcast

Episode 36 - Chicago After Dark


Turn the lights down low, because we’re drinking six dark Chicago beers of varying styles. We attempt to eloquently marvel at dark malts and their multiple applications, but then we play another filthy round of Beers Against Humanity. Aside from our usual reviews, topics include cat huffing, actresses named Emma, Robot Dong, proper cookie pairings, awkward sexy talk, and Randy Mosher. And we’ll be very pleasantly surprised by a few beers. (This episode is rated NC-17 for audio nipple.)



1. Goose Island Night Stalker (2012)

2. Ale Syndicate Omega Midnight

3. Only Child Night Terrors

4. 5 Rabbit 5 Vulture

5. Metropolitan Arc Welder

6, Off Color Scurry



1. 5 Rabbit 5 Vulture

2. Goose Island Night Stalker (2012)

3. Ale Syndicate Omega Midnight

4. Only Child Night Terrors

5. Off Color Scurry

6. Metropolitan Arc Welder


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Perennial Artisan Ales’ Abraxas is Craig’s favorite beer, so we drink it four times. Actually, we have a mini-vertical and experience two variants - one far superior to the other. Our third different guest named Chris joins us to drink our beer and chat about 80’s “extreme sports” movies and Santana. We also pair the amazing beers with some Bee’s Knees Mexican Hot Chocolate Almonds, Ryan’s Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookies, and some Spicy Man Jam. And yes, we get a little emotional over Barrel-Aged Abraxas. Sexual chocolate!



Ryan & Craig



1. Barrel-Aged Abraxas


2. Abraxas (2012)


3. Abraxas (2013)


4. Coffee Abraxas (2013)






1. Barrel-Aged Abraxas


2. Abraxas (2013)


3. Abraxas (2012)


4. Coffee Abraxas (2013)




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Episode 34 - The Hoppening


This week, we resist the bacteria-born urge to kill ourselves by downing six random hoppy beers!  We’ll regale you with stories of our trip to Decorah, Iowa, and then get off topic a lot as the beer tastes better and better. Then we spend half of the time insulting each other, and Ryan explains to Craig why M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening” is so bad that it deserves tribute. Prepare for the TWISTTTTTTT.



1. Toppling Goliath - Sosus

2. New Glarus - Scream IIPA

3. Toppling Goliath - King Sue

4. Bells - Mars: The Bringer of War

5. Bells - The Oracle

6. Modern Times - Fortunate Islands



1. Topplng Goliath - King Sue

2. Bells - Mars: The Bringer of War

3. Toppling Goliath - Sosus

4. New Glarus - Scream IIPA

5. Modern Times - Fortunate Islands

6. Bells - The Oracle

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Ich Bin Ein Berliner Weisse episode! We review five local takes on the style and try some with traditional raspberry and woodruff syrups. We start with a table-setting traditional Berliner Weisse and end with Ryan putting crushed-up Skittles in his beer. And there's the long-awaited meeting of Upton Sinclair and Nicki Minaj. For such a low-ABV show, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of spilling, squirting, and sexual dampness. Wait, come back!



1. DryHop Brewers - The World Needs Fewer DJs

2. Transient Artisan Ales - Blueberry Peach Maigre

3. Three Floyds - Deesko!

4. Marz Community Brewing - Bubbly Creek

5. Off Color - Fierce



1. DryHop Brewers - The World Needs Fewer DJs

2. Three Floyds - Deesko!

3. Transient Artisan Ales - Blueberry Peach Maigre

4. Off Color - Fierce

5. Marz Community Brewing - Bubbly Creek

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