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From the Stüssy of craft beer podcasts, this episode focuses on five Wisconsin breweries that aren’t that one you were just thinking about. Along with four interviews Craig gathered at the Great Taste of the Midwest, this show features five stellar beers that reach across the Badger State. Craig recaps some of his experience from the Great Taste, Ryan tries out a new color identifying app, we deal with a potential toilet Ghoulie situation, and we imagine a reality with Grambo. Taste the Robot World! 

Beers Reviewed

Working Draft Beer Co. - Hindsight (German-style Pilsner)

Earth Rider Brewery - Superior (Pale Ale)

Badger State Brewing Co. - On Wisconsin! (Red Ale)

The Brewing Projekt - Dare Mighty Things (New England-style IPA)

Raised Grain Brewing Co. - Black Walnut Coffee Stout (Belgian Imperial Stout)

Interviews Included

Clint Lohman of Working Draft (0:07:33)

Allyson Rolph of Earth Rider (0:24:45)

Sam Yanda of Badger State (0:42:11)

Dr. Scott Kelley and Dr. Jimmy Gosset of Raised Grain (1:04:47)

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Situated on a farm that also serves as a winery and restaurant, among other things, this unassuming Indiana brewery has made a name for itself through the perfect combination of eye-catching packaging and well-executed, in-demand beer styles. Craig visited the brewery and brought back a few interviews to help shed light on this growing operation while we drink through five different beer styles that range from “fresh take on a classic style” to “is this even a beer anymore?” There’s also a Fast and Furious proposal, some praise for an exceptional beer server, a potential can grenade, a 4-pack price game, and the HopHeads of the Corn. Extra thanks to McKinley and Brian from 450 North for the brief interviews!

Beers Reviewed

Pay Day (Hoppy Pilsner)

Bouncy Castle (Creamy oat IPA)

SLUSHY Fruit Cocktail (Berliner Weisse w/ peach, pineapple, mango and cherry)

Diamond Nuggets (Triple dry-hopped Triple IPA)

Piece of Cake - Black Forest (Pastry stout w/ chocolate, vanilla, and cherry)

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We finally realize our champagne wishes and IPA dreams as we gather some of the first beers released locally under the new Brut IPA style. What makes this San Francisco-born variation on IPA so special, and do we even really understand what a Brut IPA is by the end of the show? Maybe! There’s some light research on the history and science behind the style before we both turn into bubbles. Also, there’s a lot of old Batman talk, Craig faces his embarrassing e-mail shame, Drunk Ryan emerges very early, we coin the “pFriem standard,” and we explore the beauty of nunchuk art. Now we toast!

Brut IPAs Reviewed

Mikerphone Brewing/FinBack Brewery - Brut-ee-licious (Dry-Hopped Brut IPA w/ Citra and Enigma Hops)
Hailstorm Brewing/Arrowhead Ales - Hopsecco (w/ sauvignon blanc juice)
Middle Brow Beer Co. - Art Brut
Miskatonic Brewing - The Cryomancer
Illuminated Brew Works - Radionic Amplifier

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This one’s for all you Breeniacs out there. Listener Don Kasak hooked us up with a mixed bunch of St. Louis goodies, and ranking them does not prove to be easy. This show reinforces why St. Louis is one of the best beer cities in the nation once you look past the Budweiser building. There’s also a lengthy discussion of the trailer for the new film by provocative auteur and actual human Neil Breen (see it here) before we settle on some beers to pair with the movie. We also taste some hoppy beers that happily harken back to simpler times, and have some odd memories of the game Earthbound for the SNES. Welcome to the virtual metaverse. I’ll be right…..here.

Beers Reviewed

The Civil Life Brewing Co. - American Brown Ale

Perennial Artisan Ales - Prism: Mosaic (dry-hopped saison)

Shared - Oranges on Wheat (witbier)

Modern Brewery - Citrapolis (IPA)

Earthbound Brewing - Meteor IPA
Narrow Gauge Brewing - Meersalz - Apricot/Peach (gose)

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A little background noise for your next de-stemming party, this episode has us drinking American takes on the cherry-featuring “kriek” - with four of the five produced in the style of traditional lambic. There’s also a brief chat with Bill and Hagen from Dovetail about their recently-released (but long-planned) kriek beer and some very exciting news about future releases. Elsewhere on this Extra Luxury show, we share a little kriek history, try our hand at defining the style, marvel at the marvelous mouthfeels, and go full-on fanboy on one brewery in particular. Also, we try to solve a dwindling natural resource crisis, Ryan confesses to a 28 year-old crime, Craig wants a canned lambic, and we shame stupid Jeremy for his stupid SuperSoaker taking all the water from California. Damn it, Jeremy!

Beers Reviewed

Arclight Brewing Company - Soursmith Kriek

New Belgium Brewing - Transatlantique Kriek

pFriem Family Brewers - Oude Kriek

Dovetail Brewery - Kriek

Funk Factory/O’So Brewing - Door Kriek (2015)

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