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The complex story of Goose Island extends far beyond their innovations and acquisition, because throughout their history, they’ve cultivated a truly impressive brewing team. This appropriately-numbered episode is a tribute to all the brewers who developed under Goose’s tutelage and moved on to start or brew at other impactful breweries. (Somebody should write a book about this stuff.) It’s a Goose Island show with no Goose Island beer! Craig tries to get a gritty reboot going that results in an ongoing discussion of grizzled actors, Ryan discovers the secret SRM scale, and we scream out the subtext.

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Beers Reviewed

Perennial Artisan Ales - Foeder Coupage Blend 1 (Foeder-aged saison and fresh blond ale blend)

Firestone Walker Brewing Company - Old Man Hattan (Barrel-aged blended strong ale)

Southern Tier Brewing Company - Nitro Hot Cocoa (Imperial milk stout)

Penrose Brewing Company - Spontaneous 2019: Strawberry (Blended spontaneous ale aged in oak w/ strawberries)

Fremont Brewing - B-Bomb 2019 (Barrel-aged winter ale)

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The start of legalized marijuana in Illinois has been a real mixed bag with massive lines and product shortages dominating the headlines. So rather than feeling empty-handed, why not head to the beer aisle for a taste of the dank? We sample six IPAs that are united under the simple idea of “heh heh, weed” to see if we can get lifted in another totally legal way. And of course, we talk just a whole bunch about 311 through trivia, personal experiences, inspired lyric readings, and the most 90’s quote we could find. We also weigh in on some recently announced reboots, Ryan apologizes to a high school friend, and we make the lazy river even lazier. 

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Beers Reviewed

Burnt City Brewing - Kveik Minded III: The Dankening (New England IPA)

SweetWater Brewing Co. - 420 Strain G13 IPA

Oskar Blues Brewery - Can-O-Bliss Citrus IPA

Lagunitas Brewing Co. - Hazy Memory (New England IPA)

Odd Side Ales - Dank Frank Juice (Double IPA)

Revolution Brewing Co. - Legal-Hero (Double New England IPA)

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It’s flavorful yet restrained. It’s refreshing and sessionable. And it’s loosely bound by any real style designation. It’s the table beer! We explore five Chicago-area takes on this non-style that seems to borrow a little magic from Belgian farmhouses before going in a variety of flavorful directions, all while staying under 5% ABV. With this light-weight lineup, we do some heavy lifting by developing two new musical concepts; Ryan works on his verbal plating; Craig doesn’t want to tip the toilet sherpa; and we have our refreshnodes massaged. 

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Beers reviewed

Off Color Brewing - House Lion

Une Année Brewery - Table

Is/Was Brewing - Bourgeois Daydream

Casa Humilde - Mesita

Keeping Together - The Art of Holding Space

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We’re quite transparent about two things on this podcast: we genuinely enjoy supporting our sole long-time sponsor, and we love getting free beer to review. So when Beer on the Wall had their 3rd Anniversary party featuring a wide array of interesting collaborations with great local breweries, they saved us five to review. We also wrap up the year in music with our top albums, open some new flavor doors, pitch some cookie hefeweizens and cake bocks, and further demonstrate why no one really wants us to collaborate on a beer. 

(Also, keep the night of Saturday, February 8th open to come celebrate our 6th Anniversary at Beermiscuous!)

Beers reviewed (all collaborations with Beer on the Wall)

Around the Bend Beer Company - Biscoff the Wall (Cream ale w/ cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and allspice)

Pipeworks Brewing Company - TreESB (Red IPA dry-hopped w/ cedar chips)

Miskatonic Brewing Company - Second Breakfast (Coffee hazy IPA)

Illuminated Brew Works - The Ballad of the Peanut Butter Pony (Stout w/ peanut butter and cocoa)

Mikerphone Brewing - Eat to the Beat (Imperial blond stout w/ white chocolate, cocoa nibs, and vanilla)

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Following the story of middle brow has been a privilege for us, as their generosity and selflessness has been pretty well-documented during years of limited production and no actual brewery to call home. But within the last year or so, middle brow has won a gold at FoBAB, bought a few foeders, and opened their cozy brewpub “bungalow,” which recently won the designation of best pizza in the city by Chicago Magazine. And their status as a brewer of elegant and inspired wild ales - like their signature bread - is on the rise. So handsome Pete from middle brow dropped us off a box of beer (and bread!) to catch up on what our old friends have been up to, and we are objectively impressed. Also, we talk about dumb Chicago food traditions, dream up a GueuZero, conduct a Challenge Butter Cultural Butter Challenge, plead for that Chocolate IPA, and envision vengeful beer ghosts. 

beers reviewed.

For You (Wild lager blend)

Bloom (Co-fermented wine beer hybrid brewed w/ 40% frontenac gris grape juice)

Solarium (Mixed-culture solera saison)

Other People (Co-fermented wine beer hybrid w/ negroamaro wine juice)

Neighborhood (Farmhouse w/ locally-captured yeast and Midwestern grains)

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