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Somewhat quietly, Jerry Nelson from Une Année has been making some of the best sour beers in Chicago - or anywhere, frankly. On this show, we review the first five beers from the Le Seul series of wild ales and fall in love with the solera method. We also talk about Une Année’s recent news, share some info on the souring process from Jerry, and discuss the challenges of a sour beer membership program. Also, Craig’s voice is eating itself, Ryan gives Chris from Transient Artisan Ales tips on naming beers, and we play another (a)rousing round of Beers Against Humanity. The phrase “canonical dingleberry” has never been so appropriate.

Beers Reviewed:

Le Seul I (Reddish brown sour with tart cherries and cranberries)

Le Seul II (Hoppy golden sour with raspberries)

Le Seul III (Wild ale with blackberries)

Le Seul IV (Blended golden sour with peaches)

Le Seul V (Blended golden sour with kiwifruit)

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Two Michigan breweries enter Illinois; only one will be declared victorious. Well, not really, as we’re sure that both Short’s Brewing and Odd Side Ales will make a lot of new fans in Illinois. We pit six of these Michigan export beers head-to-head on this episode - and the real winner is good taste. But also, we take asides on Craig’s Street Fighter knowledge, offensive beer names, Johnny Cage the Elephant, and that time Ryan almost witnessed Sugar Ray die. (Long live Sugar Ray!) And yes, there will be a little Ween.

Beer Matchups

Round 1:

Short’s Bellaire Brown vs. Odd Side Bean Flicker

Round 2:

Short’s Huma Lupa Licious vs. Odd Side Citra Pale Ale

Round 3:

Short’s Soft Parade vs. Odd Side Flash Golden


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We disengage our clutches and rev up our car metaphors for a whole show dedicated to the Speedway Stout from AleSmith. Mike Zoller from PorchDrinking joins us to taste five versions of this coffee-fueled, high-octane stout, and it’s a damn good thing we’re not actually driving. We talk about aging coffee beers, infected beers, and barrel-aging’s impact on ABV. But we also discuss Wacky Races, recoil from political talk, step on Craig’s pole, and try not to offend any volcanoes. And someone gets threatened with his own Cicerone pin. There are no friends at 200mph. Got speed? Drive Hard; Get Dirty.

Beers Reviewed

Speedway Stout (2015)

Barrel-Aged Speedway Stout (2015)

Speedway Stout - Vietnamese Coffee

Speedway Stout - Kona Coffee

Speedway Stout - Hawaiian (with coconut and vanilla)

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Episode 111 - Stoneface Brewing Co.

Since 2014, the people of Stoneface Brewing Co. have been focused on churning out a small variety of high quality brews. We drink five from the New Hampshire brewery, and there’s nary a complaint to be made about these great beers. But the diversions we take are more, uh, graphic than ever. Expect to hear about a Mozzapocalypse, perfect rimjobs, the genius of Neil Breen, eating babies, Nick Nolte’s Sea Captain period, and Craig’s sexual proclivities. It’s actually not as bad as it sounds. But we do say maybe the worst words we’ve ever said, Craig reveals he’s a Certified Beer Server, and Ryan subjects Craig to a game of “Name That Stone or Face.” Caution: it gets frothy.

Beers Reviewed

Blip (Session IPA)

Rye (India Red Rye Ale)


RIS (Russian Imperial Stout w/coffee and vanilla beans)

BA RIS (Rum barrel-aged)

CORRECTION: Marvin Berry in Back To The Future is actually Chuck Berry’s cousin, not his brother. ABV Chicago would like to formally apologize for this error.

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To celebrate the opening of their new bottle shop, Off Color has released a few unique beers that we combine with two other shelf selections for review on this episode. And because Craig spent the day acquiring cideries at the Cider Summit, we try to keep it brief and on topic - which fails quickly. There’s a little talk of food color byproducts, two new Craig characters (John Apple and French Stupid), Ryan’s trouble in the produce aisle, a reappearance from the orgy tarp, and a solid eight minutes on our second favorite subject: candy. Furry little creatures are welcome.

Beers Reviewed

Bare Bear (Sahti)

Le Woof (Biere de Garde)

Whiskers (American Wild Ale)

Space Tiger (American Wild Ale)

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