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We enter unfamiliar territory on this one by doing our first-ever cider show. Kim Leshinski of Hail to the Ale and MC Johnsen of Worth 1000 Beers join us to educate us on these fermented apple beverages. You’ll learn a lot about how ciders are made, apple varieties, local cider sources (including Broken Nose Cider), heirloom apples, and “the long pour.” We go from “cider stupid” to just plain stupid at times, as the diversions here are frequent and give Craig a good core workout. And Ryan is made to feel stupid by being the only one familiar with Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. Listen and let us be the apple of your...ears?


Ciders reviewed

Farnum HIll Dooryard Cider

Shacksbury Farmhouse

Bantam The Americain

Uncle John’s Apple Hard Cider

Vander Mill Chapman’s Blend 2014

Wandering Aegnus Wanderlust

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