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We enter unfamiliar territory on this one by doing our first-ever cider show. Kim Leshinski of Hail to the Ale and MC Johnsen of Worth 1000 Beers join us to educate us on these fermented apple beverages. You’ll learn a lot about how ciders are made, apple varieties, local cider sources (including Broken Nose Cider), heirloom apples, and “the long pour.” We go from “cider stupid” to just plain stupid at times, as the diversions here are frequent and give Craig a good core workout. And Ryan is made to feel stupid by being the only one familiar with Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader. Listen and let us be the apple of your...ears?


Ciders reviewed

Farnum HIll Dooryard Cider

Shacksbury Farmhouse

Bantam The Americain

Uncle John’s Apple Hard Cider

Vander Mill Chapman’s Blend 2014

Wandering Aegnus Wanderlust

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Straight out of the cellar and into your earholes, five Side Project beers are on the table for this one as Steph from The Girl and Her Beer joins us to review these ridiculous works of liquid art. It’s not news that Cory King makes badass 100% barrel-aged beers, but you can live vicariously through us as we experience them. There’s also a musical side projects game, blending talk, a wall of acetone, origins of blue raspberry candy, ideas on how to make wax better, and a gusher we won’t soon forget. We also find out how Craig screens potential guests, and the details will SHOCK you. CLICK to find out MORE!!!

Beers Reviewed

Marietta Ave. Saison

Pulling Nails (Blend 2) Wild Ale

Black & Wild (Blend 1) Wild Black Ale

The Origin Imperial Stout

Blueberry Flanders

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From the caves and laboratories of New Glarus, these four beers undergo our own “research and development” - by which we mean we “review” them and get surprisingly “drunk.” But the beers are of the usual New Glarus quality, so it gives us a lot to talk about: if Barney Rubble smells worse than a band-aid; what a “funk blanket” is and how to use it to get out of your Cicerone exam; and whether or not Craig has ever eaten celery. We also give some tips on beers with Belgian yeast and read an absurd poem.

Beers Reviewed

Wild Bitter

Vintage 2014

Wild Barrel

Golden Ale

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We dipped into our vault this week to bring you our little tribute to working together. All five beers on this show were the product of collaboration featuring at least one local brewery (or liquor store) and a brewing buddy. Recorded back in August, this episode just got buried in our release schedule, but we’re proud to finally bring it to you so you can hear our trite discussions of the Aggro-Crag, smelly toys, One Direction, supple buttcheeks, and our idea for a naughty collaboration beer. Also, stay tuned to the end for some HOT TIPS on how to totally ignore bottle release allotments. Grab a friend and do it together!

And come to Beermiscuous on February 6th for our 2nd Anniversary party!

Beers Reviewed

Off Color/Side Project - Corybantic (American Wild Ale)

Arcade/Ale Syndicate - Dubbel Time (Dubbel with cocoa nibs)

Pipeworks/4 Hands - Black Tuna (Black DIPA with honey)

Hubbard’s Cave (Slapshot/Une Année) - Imperial Stout (with vanilla)

Jester King/West Lakeview Liquors - Encendia (Mezcal barrel-aged saison with agave nectar, ancho chiles, and epazote)

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