ABV Chicago Craft Beer Podcast

Enshrouded in a dark and mysterious energy, Illuminated Brew Works has become a cult favorite in Chicago - because they are probably an actual cult. Our initial apprehension becomes open-armed acceptance as we ingest Five Sacraments of IBW, and dabble in the mystic arts. (Actually, we just use a really bad online Ouija board, but hey, we’re trying!) Additionally, we pay tribute to legendary baseball names both real and fictional, wonder what happened to mobile canning, weakly pitch the Magic 8-Ball movie, and face a few phobias. Will this podcast delight your senses? All signs point to, “maybe.”

Liquids Reviewed

Pleiadian Play Date (Piquette-inspired malt beverage w/ wine grapes and hibiscus)

Trust (Lager)

Astronaut Eye Scream (DDH DIPA w/ lactose)

Watermelon Gun (Farmhouse ale w/ watermelon)

Kreeper (IPA)

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