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In a state chock full of great hazy IPA producers, More and Phase Three still stand amongst the best and most-revered. The fact that they have an intertwined history adds to the stakes of our totally arbitrary blind battle of the haze wherein one brewery will be crowned winner, and the other will be crowned, “still very excellent.” We also attempt to guess the beers based on what we know about ABV, style, and hop profiles - and the results are mind-melting. Also, Craig gets caught up on six month-old beer twitter, Ryan buys a kite at a hardware store, Gerry Rafferty is on the line, and we demand to bring bitterness back. 

Beers Reviewed Blindly (in order of appearance)

Phase Three Brewing - DDH Pixel Density (IPA)

Phase Three Brewing - Mindspark (DIPA)

More Brewing Company - DDH Double Dusty (DIPA)

Phase Three Brewing - Color Scheme (DIPA)

More Brewing Company - Moreover (IPA)

More Brewing Company - Pillow Talkin’ (DIPA)

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