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Soon to be celebrating their 4th year in business, Old Irving Brewing has established itself as one of the best brewpubs in the city - with the hardware to prove it. This episode features an interview with owner and head brewer Trevor Rose-Hamblin, who tells the story of OIB, his culinary background and its influence on the brewpub, that GABF medal that changed everything, the struggles of running a brewpub during a pandemic, and what surprising plans are ahead for the brewery side of the business. Additionally, we acquaint ourselves with five Old Irving beers for reviewing purposes, and the standouts here are as surprising as they are remarkable. Also, we pivot to hand sanitizer reviews, the dog digs up the old video equipment, Ryan has some embarrassing baseball fan memories, and Craig is singing about malt again.

Interview with Trevor Rose-Hamblin (00:10:47 - 00:48:46)

Beers Reviewed

Betamax and Relax (India Pale “Lager”)

Supersonic Fuzz Gun (Kettle sour w/ peaches, lemon peel, and lactose)

Scentinel (IPA)

Double Beezer (DDH DIPA)

All For One, One For All (Imperial milk stout w/ hazelnut, vanilla bean, coffee, and milk sugar)

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