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Our passion for barrel-aged beers doesn’t disappear in August - it achieves a steady simmer below the surface, always ready to unleash itself when the opportunity arises. For this episode we have five barrel-aged beers - all different styles of beer and all from local breweries, four of which we interviewed when they were just starting out in the Chicago-area craft scene, so long ago. Other talking points include the further bastardization of the term “sour” in beer; an embarrassing mask faux pas committed by Ryan; how to capture Craig in full Funko form; and a controversial stance on chocolate chip pancakes that’ll have the fan forums absolutely flush with debate. Feel feel feel feel feel...feel my barrel heat.

Beers Reviewed

Dovetail Brewery - Quetsche 2020 (Blend of spontaneous beers fermented in oak with Italian plums)

Revolution Brewing Company - Mixed Berry Ryeway (Rye whiskey barrel-aged ryewine w/ blackberry, raspberry, boysenberry, and cranberry)

On Tour Brewing Company - Barton Hall (Barrel-aged Scotch ale)

Imperial Oak Brewing - Quiet Giant - Double Barrel 2020 (Bourbon and rum barrel-aged imperial stout)

Lo Rez Brewing/Delilah’s - Delilah’s Woodie Rascal 9000 - Jimmy (Brown ale aged in single barrel Wild Turkey barrels)

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