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Recent years have seen a surprising emergence of Chicago as one of the top destinations for hop enthusiasts, bolstered by a few well-publicized national medals and hype-inducing haze makers. But there were those that helped reshape our palates in the early days: the local leaders of hops. For this show, we review five hoppy beers (Oops! All Hazy) from some of the original hop-crazy Chicago breweries.  Also, we take a seat on the Hot Bench, discuss seasonal drinkers vs. temperature drinkers, slam some Purplesaurus Rex with Dr. Applesauce, use nostalgia as a survival tool, and protect our precious cereals. 

Beers Reviewed

Half Acre Beer Company (f. 2006) - Sunset (Double) Vallejo

Revolution Brewing (f. 2010) - DDH Mango Hero 

Pipeworks Brewing Co. (f. 2012) - Chasing Extra

Spiteful Brewing (f. 2012) - Diggable IPA

Maplewood Brewery & Distillery (f. 2015) - Tropicamo

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