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Craig’s recent travels took him to the town of Monson, Massachusetts where a small, growing brewery is producing some of the best beer in the world. Not only do we drink and react to six stunning Tree House Brewing Company beers, but Craig shares a conversation he recorded with co-founder and co-owner Dean Rohan. With six growlers of the most drinkable yet complex beers we’ve had in a while, we subject these world-class beers to our low-brow drunkenness. Listen for our aggressively horrible spoken seques, an ongoing debate about fruit plates versus fruit bowls, an appearance from Craig’s alter ego Greg, Ryan’s take on why barrel-aging is overrated — and if you stay until the end, you’ll hear a story about how a magician ruined Craig’s trip to the Basketball Hall of Fame. There’s also an ACTUAL limited time special offer for listeners, so get your decoder rings ready*.


1. Julius IPA

2. Alter Ego IPA

3. Curiosity 19 DIPA

4. Double Shot Stout (with Sumatra Mandheling coffee)

5. That’s What She Said Milk Stout

6. Trailbreaker Kellerbier



1. Julius IPA

2. Double Shot Stout (with Sumatra Mandheling coffee)

3. That’s What She Said Milk Stout

4. Alter Ego IPA

5. Trailbreaker Kellerbier

6. Curiosity 19 DIPA

*Decoder rings not necessary for the special offer - a working email address will do.

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