ABV Chicago Craft Beer Podcast

Join Ryan and Craig, your guides to the urban beer jungle, as they experience the eccentric, offbeat, and unexpected Wild beers of Chicago! They imbibe six different ales fermented with wild yeasts and bacteria and review them for your listening pleasure. They’ll also visit with a singing cab driver, check out the 14th annual Contortionists’ Parade, and visit the last Russian bathhouse in Chicago! Or they’ll complain about heartburn and wax, discuss childhood television, and describe things as “lemony” a lot. Either way, you’ll want to strap on your safari hat and join them on this episode. And f’ your wax!



1. Off Color/Jester King Radiolaria

2. Transient/Fountainhead Brutus

3. Une Année Esquisse

4. Lake Effect Vielle Blond

5. Marz Duchesse de Bridgeport

6. Penrose Wild XI



1. Transient/Fountainhead Brutus

2. Off Color/Jester King Radiolaria

3. Une Année Esquisse

4. Marz Duchesse de Bridgeport

5. Lake Effect Vielle Blond

6. Penrose Wild XI

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