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We acquaint ourselves with six more of Chad Yakobson’s fine funky brews from his Crooked Stave Artisan Beer Project in this episode. These 2014 Cellar Reserve offerings are all oak-aged and brettanomyces-fermented with fruits added, so rankings become difficult. Ryan is prepared this time with a few homemade heartburn remedies, so hear him experiment and suffer. We talk a lot about Chad & Brett. (4-eva), candy, cereal grain, crossbreeding, yogurt, fancy candles, and Craig’s upcoming memoir, Tough to Touch. Burundi is so happy you’ve come to visit!



1. Blueberry Petite Sour

2. L’Brett D’Or Grand Cru

3. Raspberry Origins

4. Blackberry Dark Origins

5. Passionfruit Petite Sour

6. L’Brett D’Pluot



1. L’Brett D’Or Grand Cru

2. Blueberry Petite Sour

3. Blackberry Dark Origins

4. Raspberry Origins

5. L’Brett D’Pluot

6. Passionfruit Petite Sour

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