ABV Chicago Craft Beer Podcast

We sure drink a lot of Chicago’s own Transient Artisan Ales, and now that some of his beers are being distributed for non-reserve society members, it’s a fine occasion to drink some more! We review five of Chris Betts’ beers of varying styles, and we don’t pull any punches. Well, we don’t have to. This beer is damn good. Expect talk of a new slogan, cherry soda, progressive tingles, and The Power of Almost. Our bindles are bulging full of fun!


1. Presque (Red Wine)

2. Pentameter

3. Henry

4. Presque (Apple Brandy)

5. Cuvier



1. Presque (Red Wine)

2. Pentameter

3. Cuvier

4. Henry

5. Presque (Apple Brandy)


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