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We’re clearing out Craig’s cellar on this episode by drinking the first five beers Revolution Brewing released under their Deep Wood series. We learn valuable lessons about aging barrel-aged beers, distinguishing dark fruits, and drinking five high-ABV beers before attempting to make sense of rankings. Craig pulls back the curtain on some of our recording secrets, and Ryan does stuff with prunes. This episode is not for suckers, fools, or ho-hum emcees.





1. Very Mad Cow (2012)


2. 3rd Year Beer


3. Straight Jacket (2012)


4. Bean Gene (2013)


5. Mean Gene (2013)





1. Very Mad Cow (2012)


2. Straight Jacket (2012)


3. Bean Gene (2013)


4. 3rd Year Beer

5. Mean Gene (2013)

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