ABV Chicago Craft Beer Podcast

Bring your bendy straw, we’re dipping into some juicy, hazy New England-style IPAs made locally. Whether it’s an actual style or not, stores can hardly keep any brewery’s NEIPA in stock - so we evaluate seven of them in a blind tasting. We share everything we know about this trend, say “creamy” a few hundred times, and somewhat fail at recognizing Mosaic. There’s some shoe-eating, retired slogans, Sunny D, and our vow to become brother husbands. Disappear into a glass with us, and let your juice loose. I don’t know what the hell that means.

Beers Tasted Blindly


#1 Transient Artisan Ales - The Juice is Loose DIPA

#2 Maplewood Brewery - Son of Juice IPA

#3 Forbidden Root - Snoochie Boochies DIPA

#4 Hailstorm Brewing - Stratus DIPA

#5 Marz Community Brewing - NE MDW Chi PA

#6 Hop Butcher for the World - Reply Hazy, Try Again DIPA

#7 The Ram Restaurant & Brewery (Schaumburg) - Morning Fog DIPA

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