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Wisconsin’s O’so Brewing has dabbled in sour beers for a few years, and while the whole brewery grows rapidly, their “Extreme Beers” are finding a captive audience with sour beer lovers. We review five tasty barrel-aged sours and try not to turn this episode into a Tums commercial. We discover “TA” and struggle to make sense of it. Craig explains why SNL was better back in the 1930s. Ryan reveals the true source of his pain. And you’ll pretty much never think of The Giving Tree the same way again. And yes, Craig is totally DTC.

Beers Reviewed

Project Lo (Barrel-aged sour blonde)

Blood of the Cherry (Barrel-aged sour blonde with cherries)

Arbor Qui Donne (Barrel-aged sour blonde with peaches)

Berry Gibb (Barrel-aged sour with blueberries and  ginger)

The Continental (Barrel-aged blended sour refermented on champagne currants)

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