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It took a surprising amount of heavy lifting to bring together five Chicago porters, and *record scratch* none of them are actually porters! Sort of! This is a deep exploration of the porter style with our usual reviews, and the variance is wide. We draw from some of the great beer books to piece together a paraphrased history of the porter, and why what’s common today is so radically different than what it used to be. The asides are similarly rich and roasty, with loose ponies, Girl Scout cookies, breakaway glass failures, Craig’s Hunger Corner, prowlers, Sidney Poitier, and Taxidermied Churro. And Ryan does the worst thing he’s ever done on the show, ever.

Revolution Brewing - Eugene

Aquanaut Brewing - MoonRay

Moody Tongue - Carmelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter

Arcade Brewery - Rye Resolution

Cruz Blanca Cerveceria - Winnow

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