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Well dammit if we can’t just be happy with our regular ol’ IPAs, brewers have been adding all sorts of stuff to our favorite hopdrinks. This show features five IPAs...with a TWIST! Might it be possible that we built this show around a “ringer”? Perhaps. But all of the beers more than hold their own, and they bring out an unusual array of distractions: Björk, WiiKush, Offspring beers, and BagelFest. We also challenge each other to come up with a list of unusual ingredients that have yet to be used in IPAs - so brewers take note! Cream bomb: out.

Beers Considered

Middle Brow Beer Co. - Karin (Belgian IPA + farmhouse ale blend)

Like Minds Brewing Co. - Archimedes (IPA + Brettanomyces)

Burnt Hickory Brewery - Killboy Powerhead (IPA + orange & vanilla)

Stone Brewing - Mocha IPA (DIPA + cacao & coffee)

Other Half/Half Acre - Rainbow Never Ends (DIPA + oats, rice flakes, rice syrup, & kölsch yeast)

(Producer’s Note: Like Minds now has a fancy website but did not at the time of this recording.)

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