ABV Chicago Craft Beer Podcast

Not so long ago, Craig took the midnight train to Georgia and came back with a bushel of tasty beers. Here we drink five of them and throw in a few brief interviews, including yeast talk with Ford from Orpheus, and chattin’ beer styles with Joran from Three Taverns. Craig also recaps his Georgia trip including ballpark food, his guest spot on Beer Guys Radio, and the profoundly stupid beer laws of the Peach State. We’ll also learn how Ryan continues to make the freshest dunks and the actual hotness of 98 Degrees. But then Craig refuses to take us to Stankonia. :-( :-( :-(


Beers Reviewed


Second Self - Maverick & Gose

Orpheus - Atalanta Tart Plum Saison

Creature Comforts - Tropicália IPA

Three Taverns - Inceptus American Wild Ale

Burnt Hickory Brewery - Kolb’s Farm Imperial Stout

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