ABV Chicago Craft Beer Podcast

After last episode’s penance, we are blessed with five outstanding hoppy beers on this one. United by their hop-forward nature, these beers prove that a perfectly-made IPA is no longer a rare find in the wild. And with great beer, it loosens up our conversation into all sorts of unpleasant, juvenile places. So, behold pellicle porn, a lot of wang talk, Jeff Bridges, cartoon personas, Yaz, and the drunkest rankings we’ve likely ever recorded. Good ol’ Yaz.

Beers Reviewed:

Toppling Goliath Citra Double Dry-Hopped PseudoSue Pale Ale

The Veil Crucial Taunt DIPA

Hoof Hearted Wängbär Oatmeal DIPA

Hubbard’s Cave Fresh IIPA V2

515 Brewing Hopititis DIPA

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