ABV Chicago Craft Beer Podcast

It’s alright, because it’s Chicago Craft Beer Week! We mark the occasion by drinking six beers from local breweries we’ve never featured before - and we’ve been missing out. We try to give some background on these breweries, but our “research” has truly reached a new low. There’s also talk of marketing angles, bleach lambics, bomber fatigue, skateboarding orphans, noisy dick, head nipples, dweebs, geeks, and ladders. Ryan reviews the many name changes that some of the these breweries have made, and Craig files his Beer Under Glass report.

Beers Reviewed:

Around the Bend Beer Co. - Ghost of ‘lectricity Kolsch

Motor Row Brewing - New Phenix Lager

Alarmist Brewing - Phobophobia Patersbier

Maplewood Brewing - Crushinator Session IPA

Hop Butcher For The World - Watch for Falling Coconuts Tropical Pale Ale

Illuminated Brew Works - Kallisti Golden Ale

Local Bands/Artists Featured:

Blizzard Babies, Meat Wave, Twin Peaks, The Brokedowns, Yoko and the Oh Nos, Lil Tits, Chance the Rapper

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