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Nothing is certain and all of life is a lie. We drink five Midwestern barrel-aged stouts without knowing what they are to test their true quality and our very confidence in ourselves. And it is discovered that we, in fact, are terrible. But major surprises abound as we mostly play a new game we should call “Is This Bourbon County?” And we learn that spotting a fresh stout in a sea of aged beers is not as easy as one would expect. There’s also stuff about Everclear, pro-wrestling, Wu-Tang, the “Clue” movie, Craig’s hog, and Ryan’s newest brewery idea. Is it getting existential in here, or is just me?


Beers Reviewed, Blindly

Wild Onion Drӓgo (2015)

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (2013)

Dark Horse Bourbon Barrel Plead the Fifth (2013)

Bell’s Black Note (2012)

Central Waters Bourbon Barrel Stout (2013)

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