ABV Chicago Craft Beer Podcast

To clumsily pay tribute the only way we know how, we drink some beers to honor David Bowie that have some tangential relationship to his career. And though we don’t attempt to give Bowie a proper send off, the beers turn out really damn good and silliness abounds. We talk Monster cereals, sing some Cher, fear “target character drift”, defend Elisabeth Shue’s honor, and recall Quantum Leap. And there’s more conclusive evidence that Craig is our greatest living beer poet. Thank you, David Bowie.


Bayerischer Bahnhof - Berliner Style Weisse

Marz Community Brewing - Marzcal Kolsch

Half Acre Beer Co. - Space IPA

Revolution Brewing - Blue Gene BA Porter

Uinta Brewing - Labyrinth Quadruple Black Ale/Imperial Stout (2013)


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